Advanced Hand Gun

During this 4 hour block of instruction and live fire exercise, the Advanced Handgun Course will introduce the students to accuracy drills, and weapon malfunction drills.  The Advanced Handgun course will also provide instruction and practical exercises on concealed drawing techniques, and point shooting, and the engagement of multiple threats. This course is part of the building blocks of personal self-defense, and the Advanced Handgun Course will prepare you for additional training that will place you in an environment that will better prepare you to survive a violent conflict.

It is one thing to attend the required concealed carry firearms course, and then received our Concealed Weapons Permit. But as responsible gun owners we know that minimum training is not enough. Even going to the range, standing on-line, and shooting at a static target is not enough. We need to do more! The Advanced Handgun course will provide you education and live fire experience that focuses on those techniques needed to survive a violent confrontation. The Advanced Handgun course will introduce the students to live fire drills that will improve the shooters accuracy, and drills that will teach the student how to successfully clear and deal with weapons malfunctions.

As responsible gun owners, and those that carry a firearm concealed, we need to incorporate training that requires us to draw our handguns from a concealed carry position, and engaging targets accurately. We need to be prepared to engage multiple targets, and the Advanced Handgun course is designed to provide those important live fire exercises that are the building blocks of surviving a violent encounter.

The Advance Handgun course will provide you with the experience and foundation to go onto more advance firearms training courses that will further hone those important skills necessary for personal self-defense, and the defense of your family.

PREREQUISITE:  Basic Safety Course, Concealed Carry Training