Basic Firearms Safety Training

The Basic Firearms Safety Course is a four hour block of instruction designed to instruct the student in firearms safety and safe handling of firearms.  The student will be instructed on the familiarization of handguns, both revolvers and semi-automatic loading pistols.  Students will be instructed on the Fundamentals of Marksmanship.  Students will be instructed on proper firearm storage and the Florida State Statutes regulating firearms storage, and the potential criminal and civil liability associated with the failure to properly store your firearms.  Students will receive instruction on the basics of firearms maintenance and cleaning and the importance of proper firearms maintenance. These topics of discussion are the educational foundation you will need to safely handle, discharge, carry, maintain and store firearms.

This is an excellent course for children, first time gun owners, and those thinking about purchasing a gun, to give them their basic firearms safety education they will need to become responsible gun owners. This course is also a good refresher for those of us that are long time gun owners. Firearms safety is paramount for gun ownership. As responsible gun owners, we have to follow the firearms safety rules associated with that responsibility and the laws that govern gun ownership.

As gun owners we have to realize the importance of continual training, and the need for continuing education not only on the range, but in firearms safety. The laws governing firearms change frequently, and requires responsible gun owners to recognize the need and obligation to stay current on the laws. We are all human, and have a tendency to become complacent, and in an effort to minimize this complacency we need to remind ourselves that gun ownership is a serious responsibility.

Firearms safety training is not only necessary for the gun owner, but everyone in the household where there are firearms. This course is the perfect course to give the entire family the basic firearms safety education to keep you family safe.