Concealed Carry Training

Tango Firearms Academy courses will combine class room and practical exercises on the firing range.  The courses are designed to provide the student with the knowledge of Florida State Laws related to firearm ownership, use and carry of firearms. The Concealed Weapons Course will satisfy Florida State Statutes education requirement to apply for your Florida Concealed Weapons Permit.

Students will receive practical experience in the handling and discharge of firearms, and will be required to achieve a specified level of proficiency to ensure the students confidence with firearms.Students will participate in courses of fire and drills designed to improve accuracy and confidence in the firearm the student will carry for their personal self-defense.

Students will be required to fire a qualification course of fire similar to that of Florida law enforcement officers. This is intended not only to demonstrate the student’s ability to safely handle and discharge a firearm, but it is designed to instill the student’s confidence in their abilities with their firearm.  

Although the Florida State Statutes related to carrying concealed weapons are not complicated, they may require some explanation. The Florida Legislature occasionally amends, updates, and creates laws regarding firearms, and the concealed carry of firearms, and as responsible gun owners we must stay current with those laws that govern firearms. Tango Firearms Academy’s Concealed Weapons Permit Course is specifically designed to instruct the laws regarding carrying concealed firearms and keep you up to date.

Although Florida law does not require periodic or continuing education to maintain or renew your Concealed Weapon Permit, Tango Firearms Academy highly recommends it. Carrying a concealed firearm is a serious responsibility, and the start of your education is the Concealed Weapons Permit Course. Tango Firearms Academy has a variety of courses to enable you to further your firearms training and education.