Conductive Energy Weapons Training

Conductive Energy Weapons

Tango Firearms Academy, LLC instructors are certified instructors for PhaZZer Conductive Energy Weapons, and Taser Conductive Energy Weapons. There are those of you who have a desire to protect yourself, and your family, however you are not comfortable with carrying a gun, and are looking for a less-lethal alternative to firearms. There is an alternative for you, and that is a Conductive Energy Weapon.

These weapons are not just for law enforcement officers. You the law abiding citizen have access to these weapons, and under Florida Law, as long as you are carrying it for lawful self-defense, you are not required to have a concealed weapons permit.

For those who desire to carry a Conductive Energy Weapon, I can’t stress the importance of proper training as with any weapons system, with certified instructors. And that is where Tango Firearms Academy comes in. Not only has our instructors carried these weapons professionally, but we have extensive experience in the operation and function of the PhaZZer Electronics Inc., and Taser International line of products, and the training programs.

During this 8 hour course, you will receive detailed instruction on the function, and operation of the Conductive Energy Weapon. You will also participate in live fire exercises, to provide you the experience of deploying the Conductive Energy Weapon. You will also have an opportunity to experience the effects of the Conductive Energy Weapon should you choose to.

Conductive Energy Weapons are an excellent alternative to firearms, for personal self-defense. Tango Firearms Academy, LLC. And as with all weapons systems, we must be responsible, and receive the proper training and education for those weapons.

Conductive Energy Weapons affect the Motor and Sensory Nervous System of the human body, causing Neuro-Muscular Incapacitation, or “NMI.” This affect provides a window of opportunity for you to leave the area, and seek law enforcement assistance. Neuro-Muscular Incapacitation causes the body to lock-up, preventing the assailant from continuing their actions.

Although law enforcement models of Conductive Energy Weapons are designed for 5 second energizing cycles, civilian models of these weapons are designed for longer energizing cycles, and are designed to deploy, drop, and run.

Conductive Energy Weapons are a less-lethal alternative for personal self-defense that have a proven track record of saving lives. As with any weapons system, there is a chance of serious bodily injury or death, however with a Conductive Energy Weapon those chances are greatly reduced.


PhaZZer Electronics, Inc., Conducted Energy Weapon Operator Course

8 hours



PhaZZer Electronics, Inc., Conducted Energy Weapon Instructor Course

16 hours / 2 days



Taser International, Inc. Conducted Energy Weapon Operator Course

8 hours