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Tango Firearms Academy Orlando

Our objective is to provide you with quality training and education in the use and safe handling of firearms. Our courses are a combination of classroom instruction and practical exercises designed to develop proficient safety and shooting skills.

Firearms Training
Whether you are starting out in firearms for interest, personal defense or work, or if you are a seasoned professional. Our firearms training courses in Central Florida are enjoyable and fun and will teach you all you need to know to get you started.  We have a variety of firearms training courses from basic firearms safety to advanced handgun techniques, and even private coaching were we custom design firearms training you based on your needs and goals.

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Concealed Carry Training
Tango Firearms specialize in training individuals in Concealed Carry and the laws regarding concealed carry permits and the realities of carrying your concealed firearm in the State of Florida. Although Florida is a Shall Issue State regarding Concealed Carry Permits, there are rules you must follow to legally carry a concealed firearm. Tango Firearms can also provide you training in the way to carry your firearm concealed, with proper holster selection, strong side verses support side carry theory. The Concealed Weapons Permit course satisfies the State of Florida Concealed Weapons Permit training requirements.

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Tactical Training
Our Tactical Firearms Training is based on many years of training and experience in the military and as a police officer in the Central Florida area. If you need to sharpen your tactical skills then come to our tactical firearms training courses in the Central Florida area. During our tactical training course you will experience the transitioning from a long gun to handgun, and back again, and when to deploy long guns and handguns. Tactical Firearms Training is also important to your personal self-defense, teaching the use of cover and concealment and the difference between the two.

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Personal Defense
One important aspect of firearms training is understanding the combat nature of firearms and unarmed protection against firearms and other weapons. Our tactical training wing runs regular training on armed and unarmed combat. Personal/Home Defense or Combat Training will place you in a winning mindset of surviving the violent encounter. The Combat Training course will provide you with the skills necessary to provide home and self-defense to protect yourself and your family.

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Firearms Advice
Are you thinking on purchasing your first Firearm, when you come on one of our firearm training courses in Central Florida, you will have a unique opportunity to receive help from the training team on which firearm you should purchase. Not every firearms is the right firearm for everyone. With the variety of manufacturers and models of firearms, you can find the right one for you, and Tango Firearms can help you with that.

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Corporate Training
Our firearm training courses are extended to corporate bodies who may have a need to teach firearm skills to their staff or to the security team. Each course is designed according to fulfill your needs. Our staff is licensed by the State of Florida to provide firearms training to licensed armed security guards, and those holding Florida “G” Licenses, not only providing required annual qualifications, but also providing firearms training that best fit your corporate mission and needs.

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Concealed Weapons Classes in Orlando

Concealed Weapons Class Orlando

For those of us that watch the news on a daily basis, I am sure you are just as disturbed as I am at the level of violence that is so prevalent in the Orlando, Florida area. It is difficult to go one day without seeing at least one news story involving a shooting or violent death in the Greater Orlando area. And even more recently law enforcement officers being targeted in ambush attacks with firearms.


Welcome to Tango Firearms Academy, LLC!

Although a young company, the founder and senior instructor, Robert Ladoczky, is a 25 year law enforcement veteran with 12 years of service in the United States Armed Forces. Mr. Ladoczky has extensive experience with firearms, and firearms training, as a certified firearms instructor, as well as holding several armorer certifications.

Tango Firearms Academy, LLC, looks forward to serving your firearms training needs. to Tango Firearms Academy, LLC!


Personal Firearms Coaching


2 Hours

Plus Range Fees

Please Note On Booking A Class

When you have booked a class or have called us to confirm or request a booking, please make sure you check your email system and you check your spam folder as we send out email confirmations to everyone with the relevant forms and information. 

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These are real testimonials from people who have enjoyed our firarms courses.

Robert’s extensive knowledge and experience with firearms is second to none. He has been instructing for years and has developed a unique style that makes learning easy, fun, and most of all, safe. Tango Firearms classes are above standards meaning you get the best “bang” for your buck, where others just give you the minimal bare bones training required by the State.
Eric J

I completed the concealed weapons class at Tango Firearms Academy with Robert Ladoczky. This class was very informative, and Robert is very knowledgeable and professional. Tango Firearms provided me with the necessary instruction for my concealed weapons permit. I would recommend Tango Firearms Academy without hesitation.
Patrick M

The staff at Tango Firearms are very professional and helpful in their approach to training. They helped me identify and correct bad shooting habits I had developed over the years. From the new shooter to the experienced veteran, I highly recommend this company to anyone who is looking for quality firearms training.
Rich G

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