Tactical Firearms Training

The Tactical Handgun Course is a 4 hour block of instruction.  It will introduce the student to the use of cover and concealment, stress shooting scenarios, and situational scenarios.  Students will be introduced to weak/support hand shooting.  Students will be shooting from multiple positions, including standing, kneeling and prone.  Students will be shooting while on the move.

The Tactical Handgun Course is the next evolution in your firearms education. This course is designed to hone those shooting skills that you have already developed through your training, and introduce the students to new shooting skills, to prepare you for a violent conflict. Tactical Firearms training will introduce you to courses of fire designed to place you in a stressful situations and demonstrate the effects of that stress on the human body, and how that stress relates to your shooting accuracy.

During tactical firearms training students will be introduced to courses of fire dramatically different than shooting from a static firing position. These courses of fire will demonstrate the ability to engage targets from a variety of firing positions and conditions designed to take students out of their comfort zone. Tactical firearms training will provide the students with practical experience to better enable them to survive violent encounters.

Tango Firearms Academy’s course are designed to provide you with the training and practical experience to prepare you to protect yourself and your family. Tactical Firearms Training is just the next step in a continuing process of training, education, and practice that all responsible firearms owners should take.

Whether you carry a concealed firearm for self-defense, or professionally, the tactical firearms training could be one of the most important firearms courses you take. The valuable exposure to the variety of situational scenarios and induced stress shooting, could mean the difference between winning and losing that violent encounter.

PREREQUISITE:  Basic Safety Course, Concealed Carry Training, Advanced Handgun Course or equivalent training.