How Can I Get A Concealed Weapons Permit

How Can I Get A Concealed Weapons Permit

Getting A Concealed Weapons Permit

There are those of you out there that have been considering obtaining your Concealed Weapons Permit, but are not sure how to go about it. I hope this will provide you some guidance in obtaining you Concealed Weapons Permit.

Now I believe the first step is to read and become intimately familiar with Florida State Statute 790.06; License to carry concealed weapon or firearm. Florida State Statute Chapter 790 is the governing law in Florida for firearms and weapons, and is what establishes the do’s and don’ts regarding the carrying of concealed weapons.

You can read this statute by following the link: You need to carefully read the criteria for a Florida Concealed Weapons Permit within the statute, to determine your eligibility to apply for a permit. The statute also documents the requirements for the application process.

Once you have determined your eligibility, you need to ensure you have the proper education. Within this statute, there is a requirement for the demonstration of competence with a firearm, which it also lists several methods that this can be accomplished and documented. What is important regarding this requirement is that you receive proper and through training that provides you not only the law as to your responsibilities as a Concealed Weapons Permit holder, where and when you can carry your concealed weapons, but also training that demonstrates your ability to safely handle and discharge a firearm.

There are a plethora of companies out there that provide this training, but not all of them instill confidence the student needs to protect themselves and their family. Tango Firearms Academy, LLC can not only provide the required training, but the practical live fire exercises that builds the confidence the student needs. Tango Firearms Academy, LLC can also provide advance training to improve accuracy and speed to

Once you have obtained the necessary and required education, go to the Florida Department of Agriculture web site, On the web site there is a page containing the eligibility requirements, which are easier to review. You can also apply on-line for your Concealed Weapons Permit, or download the application to complete by hand. The application must be completed in its entirety, and notarized before submission to the Department of Agriculture. I can’t stress enough to thoroughly read each question on the application and truthfully answer each question. Also on the Department of Agriculture’s web site you can review detailed instructions on completing the Concealed Weapons Permit application and track your application once you submit your application.

You will also be required to submit a set of fingerprints, which can be sent as what is referred to as “inked fingerprints,” or what is easier, and a little less expensive, what is called a “live scan fingerprints.” Both the inked fingerprints and live scan fingerprints can be obtained through appointment at your local county sheriff’s office, and some local police departments.

The application process for a Concealed Weapons Permit is not difficult, although it can take some time to complete and receive your permit. You can always contact the Department of Agriculture Division of Licensing for assistance in the completion of the process.







Concealed Weapons Permit Orlando

Concealed Weapons Permit Orlando

Information on your Concealed Weapons Permit Orlando

For those of us that watch the news on a daily basis, I am sure you are just as disturbed as I am at the level of violence that is so prevalent in the Orlando, Florida area. It is difficult to go one day without seeing at least one news story involving a shooting or violent death in the Greater Orlando area. And even more recently law enforcement officers being targeted in ambush attacks with firearms.

What does this say? Law Enforcement officials are not always around when they are needed, and although this statement is difficult for me to admit, being a career law enforcement officer, it reins true. Orlando appears to be becoming more violent, and with the budget constraints, law enforcement agencies are trying to do more with less. It also says to me, that as law abiding citizens, we sometimes have to accept the responsibility for our own safety and that of our families.

One way that we can do this is by exercising our Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms.

To exercise this right, we must follow the law, and that requires us to obtain a State issued Concealed Weapons Permit. The State of Florida is a “Shall Issue” state as it relates to Concealed Weapons Permits. Which means, as long as you meet the criteria established under Florida State Statute Chapter 790, you will be issued a Concealed Weapons Permit.

One of the first steps to obtaining your permit, is to receive the proper education regarding the safe handling and discharge of firearms. TANGO FIREARMS ACADEMY, LLC, can provide the statute required training to obtain your Concealed Weapons Permit. This training includes the safe handling and discharge of firearms, the rules on where and when you can carry a concealed firearm, and discussions on the Stand Your Ground Law, as well as live fire exercises on the range.

As of January 2015, there are approximately 1.4 million active Concealed Weapons Permits in the State of Florida, as reported by As reported in December 2014, Orange County, Florida, or more specific Orlando Metropolitan area, there are over 60,000 concealed weapons permits, and in Seminole County there are almost 24,000 Concealed Weapons Permits. The United States Census Bureau reported the 2013 population estimates for Orange County, Florida was greater than 1.2 million, and for Seminole County, Florida was just under 500,000.

Now, without doing the math, which I really hate, and even with the reported numbers of permits, and populations being a little dated, the percentages are low for citizens prepared to protect themselves and their families by having a Florida Concealed Weapons Permits in the Greater Orlando area.

Now admittedly, the Orlando area is not the only metropolitan area were violent crime is ever increasing, but this is the area that TANGO FIREARMS ACADEMY, LLC can provide you with the training and education required by the State of Florida to acquire your Concealed Weapons Permit. TANGO FIREARMS ACADEMY, LLC has certified instructors, and can customize courses to accommodate your specific training needs.